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Chakra Balancing Service Providers

Deanine Mulpagano

Deanine is a life-long vegan, children and animal adovcate and Reiki Master. She has been on her spiritual journey for over 25 years. She is originally from New York and now resides in Lakeland. She is the owner of Indigo Moon.

Astrological Birth Chart Readings Service Providers

Chance Metz

Chance is a Lakeland native who began his journey into holistics over 8 years ago when he began experimenting with veganism and studying different religions and cultures. This blossomed beautifully over the years as he delved deep into diet, natural medicine, psychology, metaphysical/healing and omnistic spirituality and nature. The love of nature is what caused him to take an interest in crystals and their natural healing and supportive abilities.

Psychic Readings Service Providers

Ken Blesdoe

Ken has been on a tarot journey for over 10 years. Along the way he has taught courses on tarot as well as interpreting the tarot for others. Forever a student of all things that are metaphysic, Ken is always learning and expanding his understanding and knowledge in order to assist others.20

David Walden Walker (Starwalker)

David grew up in a very successful & religious family. From an early age he knew he was different. He could see, feel and hear many different spirits but he tried to fit into the 3D world. So for the first 30 years of his life he spent working in the business world corporate America where he was very successful.


At a breaking point, he decided it needed to all change and so he gave it all up and started on his spiritual journey. The resulting journey took him to different religions, philosophies and modalities. Finally when he decided to dig very deep within his own soul he found what he was looking for. Far more important, he realized it was not only about finding yourself but the journey and being of service.

He now channels many different spirits and can guide you when you need assistance. He also brings the healer energy with him and so his readings are not snapshots but guidance and coaching for spiritual, emotional and mental growth. He has worked with the Red Path and does many Shamanic workshops, past life work, works with the Star people and can assist you on your path. He now spends his time doing his true loves: his beloved teaching, mentoring, doing spiritual work and working with Star Children.

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