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8 mm faceted bracelets

8 mm faceted bracelets


Intoducing the 8 mm faceted bracelets! They are sturdy, they contain once in a lifetime abilities to heal and restore your energy while simulataneously making you the most stylish person in the room. Don't miss out! 


Tiger Eye- This crystal gives you a heightened self-esteem, enhanced mental clarity, and attracted prosperity. It is also known to alleviate fear, worry, and anxiety. When inner strength, confidence, and courage is needed this would be the crystal for you.


Clear Quartz- Experience the amplifying energy of Clear Quartz, the master healer. This crystal cleanses and aligns the chakras, magnifies intentions, and brings clarity to the mind. It is a versatile crystal that enhances overall well-being.


Sodalite- Promotes rational thought, objectivity and perception. It is sometimes thought to cleanse lymph nodes and boost the immune system. It brings emotional balance, enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-truth. 


Red Agate- Red Agate is known to aid in digestion, skin, and immunity. It promotes mental and emotional healing, reduces anxiety and depression, and enhances spiritual energy, connected to the solar plexus.


Rose Quartz- This healing crystal is known as the stone of unconditional love. It's believed by some to emit strong vibrations of love, which are thought to: support emotional and relationship healing, inspiring compassion, and boost feelings of peace and calm.


Moss Agate- This stone promotes growth in plants, and cleansing for the human body. Moss Agate is also a stone for wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. It is a stone for new beginnings. Lastly, it is known for its grounding that aids in concentration and focus.


Black Onyx- Black Onyx is known as one of the most powerful mediums to channel energy. This stone helps you face challenges, and provides a sense of grounding and helps gain a sense of being. It’s a master healer that wipes away dark energy. Many say that it transmutes those painful emotions into something positive. It teaches you to let go of the past and say goodbye to grudges that no longer serve you.


Red Gold Stone- Goldstone’s meaning is that of a stone of inspiration, and even a warrior stone, for its ability to transmute lofty ideas into physical manifestations of power. As a stone that holds the power of the fire in its core, it stands for change, transformation, alchemy, and strength.





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