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The Sufi Tarot

The Sufi Tarot


This first of its kind, East meets West deck and guidebook are a tool for self-reflection, healing and transformation, merging traditional tarot archetypes with ancient Sufi practices. This deck combines mystical sufi wisdom with classic tarot archetypes recast as sufi concepts and figures, offering a new lens on the traditional tarot system. 

Sufism is often called the path to the heart because it is a process of turning within to the fountainhead of all knowledge through the opening and purification of the heart in tarot, we the the carefree fool, the enigmatic magician, the mystical high priestess, the commanding emperor, the nurturing empress and more - archetypes that represent the many qualities that each of us must call upon as we follow the "fool's journey" through life.

Both call the reader to walk the path of self-discovery and inner-knowing, uncovering secrets not to predict the future but to discover answer's to the big questions. Why are we here? Why do we feel the way we feel and act the way we act? what is our purpose in life?

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