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Aura Cleansing Incense Bricks

Aura Cleansing Incense Bricks


Incense Bricks are heavenly, compact, aromatic incense squares handmade with a natural materials like herbs, spices, resins, woods and flowers which are accentuated with aromatic extracts and essential oils.

Aura Cleansing Kit contains 3 amazing aromas - White Sage, Dragons Blood and Palo Santo aimed at uplifting, rejuvenating and rekindling our spirits.

White Sage is an evergreen perennial shrub with the amazing property of releasing negative ions into the air when burned and can clean the air & naturally disinfect. Aromafume White Sage Incense Bricks blesses the air, body and our surroundings. Topped delicately with clarysage and passion fruit, a gurjun balsam mid note adds depth to this wonderful White Sage inspired Incense Brick.

Dragons Blood Incense bricks evokes sensual feelings with fruity accords of green apple and pineapple. Black currant, raspberry and peach blends with fresh jasmine essence. The musky base with cedarwood and patchouli add to the mystery and romance of this captivating aroma.

Reminiscent of the mystical 'Holy Wood', Palo Santo Incense Bricks are a wonderfully fresh medley of orange blossoms and a citric bergamot. Romantic warm mid notes of rose & vetiver blend beautifully together with a luscious Palo Santo and sandalwood base.

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