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Handmade Runes Set

Handmade Runes Set


These are handmade runes made of resin. The owner of our store poured lots of love and time into these sets!

Runes were used to contact the dead, for protection, good luck and safety. They were used for divination and as a means of contacting other planes of existence. Casting runes is the main method of using them for divination. A “cast” refers to the pattern the runes are laid out in to answer queries. For example, laying three runes in a line is the most common, and easiest, to divine. Just like Tarot cards, the left most rune is the past, the middle the present, and the right most rune predicting the future. There are as many castings as there are questions.Depending on your beliefs, this can be a fun exercise or can help in making that life altering decision. Like Tarot cards, runes can be used to ask very specific or rather vague questions. Are you going to find a job in the relatively near future? Will you get that promotion tomorrow? Where exactly are your keys? Based on your question, and how you decide to cast your runes, you can glean a little insight into these questions

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