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Orange Selenite heart

Orange Selenite heart


Introducing our captivating Orange Selenite Heart, a radiant crystal renowned for its vibrant energy and cleansing properties. Handcrafted from high-quality Orange Selenite, this heart-shaped gem effortlessly purifies and revitalizes your energy field. Placing your cherished gemstones and crystals on the Orange Selenite Heart amplifies their vibrancy, restoring their natural glow. Bask in the warm radiance of this crystal to enhance creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. Its uplifting energy promotes joy and positivity, infusing your space with a vibrant ambiance. Embrace the Orange Selenite Heart for emotional healing and balance, allowing it to soothe and harmonize your emotions. Symbolizing vitality and warmth, this heart-shaped crystal serves as a reminder to embrace life's vibrant possibilities. Each Orange Selenite Heart is a unique masterpiece, showcasing natural variations in color and pattern. Embrace its beauty and let its vibrant energy uplift your spirit and space.

Heart is 1.5"~2" diameter

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