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Thom Britton

Sound Healer

Dr. Thom has recently relocated from Southwest Michigan to Central Florida. He is a Certified Sound Practitioner, licensed HeartMath® Coach, Angelologist, Certified Crystal Therapist, and holds a Doctoral degree in Divinity. He is also known for his culinary skills and teachings of sacred and allergen-free cooking. Metaphysical sciences have been a lifelong passion and have come into practical use over the last 15 years through his work with the HeartMath® Institute, and in his sound therapy practice. Dr. Thom is honored to be able to bring different metaphysical modalities together to offer a unique opportunity for his clients to transform, grow and experience the universe and higher consciousness in new ways. He looks forward to the opportunity to assist as a guild on your personal path of transformation.


Thom Britton
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